For the FW19 collection Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, the creative duo of Les Hommes, starts an imaginary trip from the Himalayan peaks, equipped with utilitarian elements from mountain hiking and references from winter sports. An edulcorated Tibetan aesthetic of saffron colours and patterns created by natural consumption, define a new chapter of the brand’s lexicon.

The journey evolves with an unexpected twist, crashing into a mid-nineties techno rave: fluo colours, sheer PVC, reflective nylon infuse a new energy into the consolidated Les Hommes alphabet of impeccable suits and fine outerwear.

The Les Hommes DNA is revisited serving a real wardrobe that mix volumes and shapes, where the most sophisticated tailoring match perfectly with technical pieces, for a contemporary combo.

The old Tibetan doors become the pattern of the outstanding agugliato jacquard knitwear in techicnicolor.

The wrapped tunics of the monks inspire outerwear and the new trousers style with pareo pleats.

Sportswear world, epitomized by the collaboration Les Hommes-Sergio Tacchini, is enhanced by the mix with
sartorial pieces.

Snap-hooks, ropes and chains enrich backpacks and fanny packs. The look is completed by chunky sneakers or mountain boots, while the gaze is always protected by flashy screen ski inspired glasses.